Kindle Bitcoin NgU edition




This Kindle 4 (D01100) is recycled, jailbroken and configured by hand according to
Display the latest Bitcoin blockheight, the current price in USD and EUR and random tweets from

When receiving the product it needs an always on USB power and a WiFi connection to be able to download the status display images.

Please note this is a discontinued Kindle model so can only be sourced used. Small marks and signs of use can be expected although it will be tested to be fully functional with an acceptable battery life.
When not connected to a server it can function as an ebook reader. will have a public endpoint serving the data, but can be connected to a custom server following the steps at:

It can be freely configured through shh via WiFi or USB.
The server is a built in feature in the RaspiBlitz Full node project:
Can be installed from the commands line with: `config.scripts/ on` and follow the text instructions.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg