ZKDS Metal Case for the RaspiBlitz


Metal case for the RaspiBlitz

3 in stock (can be backordered)



The case is made of powder coated steel, specifically designed for the RaspiBlitz to hold the following parts:

Provides increased physical security:

  • tough, steel material
  • cannot be opened without powering off
  • place to attach a Kensington Lock

Instructions on how to build it yourself are on GithHub: https://github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

The parts from the shopping lists are all compatible except we use the SATA-USB expansion board linked above and have more options to choose fan due to the presence of additional 5V connectors.

Note: using a WiFi connection with the case would require an extra USB-dongle.

Any questions please ask on the Contact Form or on Twitter: @DIYnodes




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